I was really lucky to be given a chance to teach a group of lecturers in Nairobi somewhere around December 2010. This is a chance of a lifetime! I kissed my hubby and my baby goodbye and I was off to Nairobi in a jiff. šŸ˜€

The first pleasant surprise that I had was that Nairobi has cold weather! It was cold enough that we are able to puff a bit of white haze out of our mouth. šŸ™‚ We were picked up by our friends in Nairobi, James and Jonah (which are both superbly friendly). On the second day of arrival we decided to spend a bit of time @ Nairobi National Museum. The traffic to the museum was quiteĀ horrendous! To save gas, our taxi driver keep turning the engine of thisĀ motorcarĀ each time we stop. I thought this was kind of funny. The roads are in construction and red dust flew everywhere. However, it was kind of short distance and we got off fine. The museum was excellent! You may read more about it here.

Front Lobby of Nairobi National Museum

The African Elephant @ Nairobi National Museum

The Beautiful Giraffe

If you are looking for souvenirs in Kenya, stop by the Masai Market. This market sells everything, from shirts, colored rocks, tribal masks to colored plates and handcrafted animals. Price wise, its alright I guess *if you earn in american dollars*. However, be aware the market sellers are really2 KEEN to sell off their items. If you are not interested to buy from them, don’t touch it! I think, we Malaysians are quite timid people and the way they are selling scared some of my colleagues out of the market. Haha!

The Masai Market

Before our last day, we decided to experience a day @ the Nairobi National Safari, touch some orphaned baby elephants inĀ David Sheldrick Wildlife Park and sightseeing the Safari Walk. Our safari adventures were amazing! I was so excited that morning that I could not get enough sleep the night before. Just like IĀ imagine, there was nothing else like it. The weather is super cold so we were not able to catch aĀ glimpseĀ of any lions, or cheetah *I sure would like to*. However, there are many other animals that we are able see. Oh btw, the toilet in the safari isĀ surprisinglyĀ clean.

I was touch to my core when I first able to touch one of the baby elephants @ theĀ David Sheldrick Wildlife orphanage. It was definitely worth it and I would definitely visit again if given the chance. šŸ™‚

Amazing Nairobi Safari

National Geographic Moments šŸ™‚

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Nairobi Safari Walk

Baboons Everywhere! šŸ˜›

Very Yummilicious Fruit Slice


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