Freshly Engaged

I never thought this day would ever come. The day when my lil sis found someone who she loves and loves her back. Yeah, I’m a sucker for this lovey dovey relationship. Hehe.

It all started when Hana gave me a call for a routine pep talk about relationship. She told me that she really needed to meet someone and it seems that she had no luck going about that in her workplace nor outside. I decided to take the “responsibility” of finding a suitor for Hana ended up calling my hubby at that time was working outside of KL and asked him if he has someone cool for Hana. He immediately told me that he knew someone and that he is quite a looker. I was not optimistic at first because Bob’s taste in guys were somehow unrealiable. Haha.

Yada yada yada. They met during ramadhan last year and well I thought, this guy is really funny. I gave him super lots of hints. I am btw a very loud lady and he must think that I am somekind of a looney. I told him that he was eva to be married to Hana he must called me Kak Long. Haha.

It was not easy at first. I had to give Hana the basic 101 on how to flirt. I was quite a flirter down in my days (puji diri sendiri ni). In the end it all turn out for the best.

They go well together and I really think that he belongs to a great warm and loving family (funny as well)  is a real bonus to Hana. Yes, we fought a hell lot and yes, we hate each other guts from time to time. But Hana and I were really close. So close that we never stayed angry with each other for more that a few days.

For Hana, I love you and wish you all the best with this relationship with hopes that you guys will get married and you will grew fat (like me) with kids. :p

For Rauff, call me Kak Long. 😉

My Sis Hana with her Fiancee Rauff

My Choice of Color ~ Beautiful Blue

Hantaran Cake for the future Groom Side

My Lovely Flower Girl

The Ladies with Rauff


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