Classy TGV Club

I always have the knack to try new things, especially those that look so good when advertise. Haha! So, each week I will slot a time to catch a movie which is rated G for Farissa to enjoy as well. Last week I decided to try the NEW TGV Club at Sunway Pyramid. I bought the tickets online, cost me about MYR53 for twin seating. First thing first, it is always better to buy tickets early online than spend precious time lining up and ending with bad seating. Right?

We had to first collect the tickets at a special counter. Really classy looking. Get our tickets *inside a TGV club envelope*. Then we are able to wait at the club’s waiting area where we could order to our hearts content *whatevar listed in the club’s menu of course*. 😀 However, we just had our dinner so we end up just ordering some popcorn and drinks. Total damage: MYR 12.90 *bonus-no queuing needed*. The waiter will simply send your orders to your seat. How cool right?

The movie was excellent and we truly enjoy it! 🙂

TGV Club's Tickets Envelope

TGV Club's Menu

Nice Waiting Area

Farissa Waiting Impatiently


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