Starters – My Jewel


After 5 long years, I met a very special someone. Someone who I once known way back from my University years. She was super close with me and I treated her like my own sister. We’ve talk a whole lot as if we had never been apart. I told her that I misses the old days. :’-)

She knows Bob or more fondly called as Bobby way back too. It was her who dared me to say ‘hi’ to Bob. That’s how it all started. Huh.. I guess there was a part of me that feels so blessed that I come to know her. Yeah, we were apart for such a long time. Yeah, I made the first step to ask her out. It’s all worth it.

We use to go out on double dates too. Went out shopping, playing snooker, bowling, watch movies. Waaaah.. such good old times. When money comes out from our dads wallet. lol.

Anyway, time flies by. Time changes. Life changes. We are in different set of circles and friends. We have our own life to lead and ambition to follow. I admire her independence but I love my tied down life all the same. The life I created with Bob and my little girl. A life that I would never change for all the money in the world.

We will be friends in life for sure and I love you Jewels. Truly do!


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